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Chinese Expo exhibition complex project

Chinese Expo exhibition complex project
产品名称:Chinese Expo exhibition complex project
更新日期:2015/6/25 11:28:05


Project Name: China Expo exhibition complex project (Shanghai Hongqiao Exhibition Center)
Project address: Shanghai City
Completion time: 2014
Construction unit: Shanghai Metallurgical Group Steel Structure Branch
Minmetals and Rui (Shanghai) Construction Co. Ltd.
Vincent Shixing group Limited by Share Ltd
Shanghai in the construction of eight decoration limited liability company
Color: Silver
A fireproof composite board area: 120000m2
Is located in the Hongqiao Business District of Shanghai International Expo Center, the whole body is like a four leaf clover shape, meaning auspicious happiness, four leaf shape also seems to Shanghai Magnolia petals, Pavilion facade use Aru MAG A-grade fireproof metal composite plate decoration, to create a metropolitan green natural landmark, built will become one of the world's largest convention and Exhibition Center.