A fireproof metal composite plate

A2 grade aluminum composite plate

A2 grade aluminum composite plate
产品名称:A2 grade aluminum composite plate
所属类别:A fireproof metal composite plate
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The large building curtain wall decoration plate, a fireproof aluminum composite board road mag
product mix
A road MAG fireproof aluminum composite board is coated with a decorative coating two layer of aluminum skin and core material or inorganic filler composites.

The characteristics of the product:
The *1. effect is rich, can maximize meet the design requirements of building exterior decoration
Roll coating surface of aluminum composite plate
The decorative coating is a high performance KANAR 500 (or HYLAR5000) above 70% PVDF fluorocarbon coating made of resin, with excellent weatherability. You can have a variety of surface selection. These coatings are completed in the roller coating line of continuous, uniform color and luster and uniformity than other coating methods have greatly improved.
High quality aluminum composite plate surface coating
Cooperate with the world famous coating panel manufacturers, developed a unique high-quality paint surface composite board series. In the different climatic conditions provides maximum lifetime warranty for 40 years. Products are nature series, metal series, the series drawing, symphony of color series, high weather resistance and series, and provide personalized custom services.
Anodized aluminum composite plate
Roll manufacturers jointly developed with the international well-known anodic alumina. Continuous roll of aluminum anodic oxidation treatment in different batch anodic oxidation treatment, to ensure that the volume of the beginning to the end of the same color from the aluminum oxide layer can make the aluminum translucent metal texture showing colorful appearance. Excellent mature technology provides a variety of anti ultraviolet color landscape design: from soft champagne to elegant bronze to dark black. The anodized layer will not be broken, flake or peel; did not produce wind like copper and zinc; not rust like iron and steel. The oxide layer can withstand the harsh environment with a restoration function extreme, the hardness of aluminum is itself three times and provides natural wear resistance.
*2. good safety performance, reliable use assured
Aru MAG A-grade fireproof aluminum composite board as a non combustible fire a level of series, not spontaneous combustion, flame retardant effect, in the case of fire burning process can absorb a lot of heat, delay the increase of ambient temperature and in distress can help people to increase the chance of fire disaster escape. The national quality supervision and examination center of fire proof building material inspection and certification in accordance with GB8624-2012 fire A-level indicators, and get the SGS, Intertek and other international institutions EN13501 A2 fire certification.
*3. smooth, never deformation degumming
With the metal skin contraction rate, special core material and professional technical support of the composite sheet strength and peel strength of the test to meet the indoor and outdoor use requirement. The inorganic core material of the thermal expansion coefficient close to the metal surface, reducing the internal stress caused by two different material expansion coefficient. The traditional aluminum plate core material for organic materials, the thermal expansion coefficient is 5-7 times of the metal surface, easy to produce degumming, bulge, deformation.
*4. green inorganic core material
The inorganic core material from natural, green environmental protection, sustainable development; and reduce the metal smelting energy consumption, and reduce carbon emissions, protect the ecological environment of the earth.
The inorganic core material does not contain harmful radioactive elements, no halogen, smokeless, non-toxic and tasteless, green certification and Intertek certification of national environmental protection building materials, safety and environmental protection products is recognized.
*5. more arbitrary plane partition size
In the premise of ensuring the performance of the surface roughness, the largest single plate width up to 1.6m, 6m length or longer meet design requirements.
Aru MAG A-grade fireproof composite plate light weight, I-shaped structure is stable, flat no change, more more arbitrary plate segmentation can be achieved. The compressive, tensile and pressure of excellent performance, its performance is fully consistent with the GBT/17748 index.
*6. sound insulation, light
Aru MAG A-grade fireproof composite board 4mm standard compaction insulation parameters 26dB, its superior insulation performance leading to other similar materials. Due to the uniform pore characteristics of inorganic core material, its thermal conductivity is 0.31w/m.k, which can effectively save energy consumption. By means of composite technology reduces the weight of metal decorative materials, reduce the load of the building, foundation and the main structure of the cost savings.

Product specifications

The special width / thickness / length requirements please consult the manufacturer
Various types of buildings have a relatively suitable color. Including residential, commercial, office buildings, landscape architecture, architecture color culture. The color design is a good way to building effective charm.
Road MAG products have a rich and colorful colors available for customers to choose. Including the natural series plain paint, metal paint, wood, stone etc.. At the same time, our company provides matching service, to meet customer requirements of color.

The color of the color and physical supply may be a slight color difference, if there are strict requirements on the color, please to customer service center to ask for an actual model to confirm.