A fireproof metal composite plate

Arnold Bang super plate

Arnold Bang super plate
产品名称:Arnold Bang super plate
所属类别:A fireproof metal composite plate
更新日期:2015/6/15 9:50:33



     Jarno Bang super plate is my latest R & D launched a new decoration select sheet by burning inorganic compounds as the core layer, both sides of the metal skin used as a decorative surface, through a special process of molding, and composite decorative materials. Has high fireproof performance, green environmental protection, formaldehyde free, do not fade, mold, anti - corrosion, anti radiation etc. advantages. It can be widely used in rail transportation hub site decoration, built in hospital, built in large public venues, home decoration, cabinets, security doors and other.

 Schematic diagram of product structure:


 The characteristics of the product:

1 fire retardant insulation moisture-proof non radioactive
2 large strain energy saving self-cleaning quick installation
3 super board set fire retardant, insulation, sound insulation, environmental protection, light and other seismic function. But both stone and aluminum plate, decorative wallpaper and other rich traditional latex paint.
4 super board with inorganic core and a metal plate made of composite.
The 5 is green non radioactive, non formaldehyde and other excellent properties.
6 in the process of using easy processing, convenient installation, fire proof, heat insulation, antibacterial self-cleaning.
The 7 is in the hospital, the subway station high speed rail station special-purpose plate decoration both inside and outside the airport terminal, a large flow of public occasions launched.

Product specifications:

Product information

  Arnold state

sheet thickness

  3,4 mm

Panel Width

  1000,1250,1500,1575 mm  

panel length

  2000-6000 mm

 Metal thickness

  0.15-0.3 mm

The special width / thickness / length requirements please consult the manufacturer


The color of the products:

Various types of buildings have a relatively suitable color. Including residential, commercial, office buildings, landscape architecture, architecture color culture. The color design is a good way to building effective charm.
Arnold state products have a rich and colorful colors available for customers to choose. Including the natural series plain paint, metal paint, wood, stone etc.. At the same time, our company provides matching service, to meet customer requirements of color.