Coating production line

CJMTZ1300/1600-S Coating production line

CJMTZ1300/1600-S Coating production line
产品名称:CJMTZ1300/1600-S Coating production line
所属类别:Coating production line
更新日期:2015/6/15 9:26:23


     CJMTZ1300/1600-S coating production line is the formation after the aluminum coil according to the customer need to paint on the surface coating of all. Our company adopts the international advanced level of the painting line of four roller precision reverse roller coating machine, precision coating in closed dust-free condition, appearance quality and thickness of the coating film coating has good control. The oven is divided into five temperature curing, coating solvent and hardness flexibility to get the best state. Has good gloss, adhesion and corrosion resistance. In addition our precision coating line combined with the advantages of foreign equipment, baking process improvement, make the coating to ensure the quality of the coating and drying out.